Performers (all levels accepted)

Perform in two master classes, performs in final concert, participates and performs in an ensemble with three chamber music coachings, performs in open stage sessions (optional), performs and participates actively in all workshops and lectures. Admission to all concerts and events of the seminar.

Full Participant Solo

  • $295 - Early Registration (Register before April 30, 2017 and save $100!)
  • $395 - Regular Registration (After April 30. Registration deadline June 1)
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Full Auditors: (Registration deadline June 1)

Full Auditors can have actively participate (optional) in workshops and lectures.  Plus admission to all events of the seminar

  • $245 entire seminar (auditor)
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Day Auditors and Single Event Tickets

All events are open to the public.

  • $80 per day
  • $20 per event
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Single Concert Tickets

All concerts are open to the public

Please contact us with any questions.